Drumming Services

Amu Cultural & Arts Services Drumming Services

Chief Amu create tailor made sessions to suit various needs.

    • Drumming is something most people are privileged through appropriate exposure can enjoy as a social, leisure, pleasure, recreational and economical activities.
    • It is possible that most people if not everyone can and do take part in movement to a collection of noise beautifully arranged to please the ear, and requires no musical training bur exposure and practice .
    • Drumming as a healing vehicle of communications, through established ritual has been used for thousands of years by many civilizations throughout the world to console, pacify, encourage or discourage behaviour.
    • Group drumming helps people to connect and support each other, and as a social communal prescription, manufacturing joy and promoting happiness and stress relief. Healthy laughing sessions in many situations enables and underpins the feeling of unity and sharing fundamental to being a healthy person in a communal setting.
    • There are currently much scientific observations able to demonstrate positive interest in the interaction between group drumming and the biology of the human body. Experiments have shown that group drumming benefits the immune and endocrine systems.
    • Drumming has been specifically used informally as a social prescription or as part of an overall program to treat diseases such as Stress, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Immune Deficiency, Cancer, Autism and many more.
    • Stress is one of the most common diseases of modern culture, and drumming is a highly effective solution.
    • Drumming increases our Alpha brainwaves, which are associated with feelings of well-being and euphoria.
  • At Amu’s Cultural Art Services We also offer  drum circle session f or community events, private parties, youth events, family celebrations, fun days, holiday after school  play schemes , training events and team –building.

Contact Chief Amu for more information and booking details and to secure your bookings dates.

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