Drum Workshop for Schools

Amu Cultural & Arts Services Drum Workshops for Schools

Amu’s Cultural Art Services works extensively in schools around UK and further afield, introducing children to the ideas of keeping a pulse, listening and playing together; dynamics, giving and responding to signals and cues, creating rhythms from verbal ideas and devising sound effects to go with live action and performance.

We often contribute workshops to school’s Arts Weeks and lessons or events which look at music from other cultures.

Students learn basic rhythms and how they fit together, developing into a fully participating, interacting group of people creating and sharing a musical experience together and resulting in harmony, fellowship and a feeling of well-being and above all fun!

We also work with teachers who wish to establish their own African drumming circle groups within schools.

If you would like to find out more about Amu’s Cultural Art Services Drum Workshops for Schools please Email us.

Contact Chief Amu for more information and booking details and to secure your bookings dates.

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