Cultural Arts Services

Schools and Community Workshop

Amu’s Cultural Arts Services (ACAS) is an artist based organisation offering practical Creative Arts Workshops in Schools – Youth Centre and Community settings.

Activities on Offer include:

  • Creative Percussion Workshops
  • Interactive Storytelling Workshop
  • Interactive African Drumming Workshop
  • Creative Decorative Arts Workshop
  • Exhibition of African Cultural Artifacts
  • Hosting African Cultural Evening
  • Black History Week or Month Visit or Residence
ACAS’s work with formal education settings is designed to enable inclusive creative participation that foster sustainable approaches and experiences of teaching through interactive Drumming or Storytelling and its processes. We believe that creative and performing arts can inspire both traditional and contemporary forms of learning. Our work engages with cross-phase settings curious in creative learning, from Primary to Higher Education.
Our work for Primary & Secondary Schools is designed to support teaching with a direct impact on results and experience.

At ACAS our work with nursery schools offers a wide range of interactive activities to encourage children to “learn through play”.

532107_465903420128128_1483697886_n 542723_465903580128112_1623829782_nWe are able to provide opportunities for individual participation in our various activities, group work or adult led activities engaging children in purposeful play.


From 2019-22 ACAS will be offering creative Interactive Drumming, Storytelling and Decorative Arts & Craft workshops, enabling secondary school students, primary pupil’s teachers and participants from Special Schools and SEN units to take part and get creative.
Our workshops can be tailored to the needs and experience of your class or group.
They can be delivered in-timetable, in-school, and after-school.  
Workshops are usually:
    • £285 per half-day (plus transportation) Interactive Storytelling or Storytelling
    • £485 per full-day (plus transportation) Interactive Storytelling or Drumming
    • £1500 one week (plus transportation)   Drumming –Storytelling- Decorative Arts
  • INSET Days from £75 per teacher

If these prices are restrictive please let us know.

Choose four imaes you like, head over to the Adinkra website, find out about them and email me their meaning.

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