About Amu

Gift Amu – Logotse is a creative and performing artist and visiting lecturer with his broad knowledge in the fields of education and cultural assert development, encourage and support creativity in schools relevant to the Curriculum for Excellence.

Chief Amu’s programme or activities provides essential links between schools, communities, artists and cultural organisations and also supports the development of local, national, education and cultural policies and priorities.

In Scotland Chief Amu has assumed  the  responsibility for developing and co-ordinating opportunities for children and young people both within and out with schools.

Within schools, opportunities developed are interdisciplinary in their nature and relevant to the Curriculum of Excellence. Artists, teachers, children and young people are supported to develop whatever the project that they will work on together. These projects include both short-term workshops and long term residencies involving filmmakers, writers, musicians or visual artists.

Chief Amu has also set up and is now coordinating The Africa Art Centre in Glasgow which has had a focus on both creative and performing arts as a tool for schools and community development.

He is currently looking for sponsors able to support youth and community integration work in and around Scotland.

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